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Practice Information

Lavant Road Surgery Information

Disabled Persons

All facilties are available on the ground floor and have wheelchair access.  

Intimate Examinations/Chaperones

You are entitled to ask for or arrange a chaperone to be present during intimate examinations. You may chose a friend or relative or ask the Practice to provide one. If you need the practice to provide a chaperone, please ask in advance so that this can be arranged for you.


We can offer a communicator to interpret for deaf patients.

Change of Address/Name/Telephone Number

If you change your address, name or telephone number please let us know as soon as possible so that we can continue to care for you. You may inform us of any changes in writing, via email or via our Online Service.

Violent/Abusive Patients

This practice has a zero tolerance policy with regard to violent or abusive patients. If a patient is violent or abusive to the Doctors, Staff or any other persons present, the Practice may report the incident to the Police and that patient may be removed from the Practice List.

Dealing With Telephone Calls

Usually we aim to answer promptly, but in the mornings (and especially on Monday) the phone can be very busy. To get a better service, please avoid telephoning for routine matters such as general advice or test results until after 11:00am. If you wish to speak with your Doctor and they are not available, you will be offered a telephone consultation, this will normally be at the end of their morning surgery. Unless it is an emergency, the Doctor will not be interrupted during surgery hours.

Test Results

If you are phoning for the result of a test, we would like you to do this after 11.00 am. Your doctor or nurse should try and remind you of this at the time. This allows time for results to come over electronically and be checked by your doctor, this also helps to avoid the telephone lines becoming blocked up at peak times in early morning. The reception staff should also have more time to deal with your request at these relatively quieter times.

Most blood, urine and swab results are back at the surgery within 3-4 days although more specialised tests can take longer. The results of most other GP requested tests e.g. X-rays/scans can take an average of 10 days to arrive back at the surgery.

Please note: if the test was requested by a consultant in hospital it will probably take 3-4 weeks before your GP is notified. We experience similar lengthy delays for clinic and hospital discharge letters. Whilst the advent of results/letters by email may help speed things up we unfortunately cannot foresee any significant improvements for the time being.

Whilst we endeavor to notify patients of abnormal results, we would ask you to assume some active responsibility in finding out the results of your tests.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of the grounds or building.

Mobile Telephones

Mobile telephones can be a nuisance to others using the surgery. We ask that you turn off mobile telephones before entering the building.