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Access to Medical Records


Lavant Road Surgery has a policy of openness with regard to health records and health professionals are encouraged to allow patients to access their health records on an informal basis. **

Please ask at Reception for a full copy of the Access to Medical Records Policy along with an application form.

** The Department of Health’s Code of Practice on Openness in the NHS as referred to in HSG (96) 18 Protection and Use of Patient Information will still apply to informal requests.


Detailed Coded Records Access – from the 1st April 2016, in line with the 2015/16 GP contract, LRS will make available the On-Line Service Access to Coded Medical Records for their patients.  For exisitng users of the On-Line services, you will be able to enhance your access and Detailed Coded Records will be available.  If you wish to apply for this service, please submit your request via the On Line service, this will be reviewed at the practice by an allocated member of the practice team, each application will be dealt with individually.  Once submitted, you will be sent an application form and further information, the whole process can take up to 21 days and in some instances, may take longer. Please click to view the NHS Guidance for Patients, “Keeping your Health and Social Care Records Safe and Secure” Patient Guidance Booklet for Online Access plus an additional document LRS Patient Access Things to Consider before you apply for online access to your record

If you are yet to request the On-Line services and would like to apply, please present at reception with two forms of identification. To comply with the Detailed Coded Records Access you will be asked to complete a form, LRS Patient Online Access Consent Form for Detailed Coded Records Access for the website plus you will be given an information sheet LRS Patient Access Things to Consider before you apply for online access to your record before you are granted access to the Detailed Coded Access part of the On-Line services. As above, for further information please see Patient Guidance Booklet for Online Access.

11 – 15 Year Olds – Guidance from NHS England recommendeds that practices adopt a very cautious approach in allowing parents to access their child’s medical record once the child reaches the age of 11.  Children vary in the age at which they are able to make an independent and informed decision about who should have access to their record.  Lavant Road Surgery has decided to adopt the most practical approach and withdraw parental access as soon as the child reaches  the age of 11 unless there are exceptional circumstances.  When the child reaches the age of 11, with their consent the parent can apply for proxy access to manage their childs On-Line service, LRS Consent to Proxy Access Form to GP Online Services. It may be that the young person decides at this point that they are mature enough to act autonomously and to request access themselves.  In both instances order to ascertain the competence of the child, a Gillick Competency test has to be carried out by their usual GP, please phone through to the Reception team who will be able to organise an appointment.

 Should you wish to view your medical record in the practice, Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Fees and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2000, you may be charged a fee, a 10 minute Routine appointment will be organised with your Usual GP. The maximum permitted charges are set out in the tables below:

 To allow you to view your health record (where no copy is required) the costs are:

Health records held totally on computer: up to a maximum of £10.

Health records held in-part on computer and in-part manually: a maximum of £10.

Health records held manually: up to a maximum of £10 unless the records have been added to in the last 40 days in which case viewing should be free.