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Privacy Policies


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Lavant Road Surgery will comply with GDPR article 30(1) and will document in writing and maintain a record of our processing activities, covering areas such as processing purposes, data sharing and retention. This information is available to patients in the following Privacy Notices, these will be updated as and when relevant changes are made.

LRS Privacy Notice for Direct Care

2018 April LRS Organisational statement on Accountability V02

Data Protection Booklet

LRS Privacy Notice Care Quality CommissionLRS

Privacy Notice Emergencies

LRS Privacy Notice for National screening programs

LRS Privacy Notice for Payments

LRS Privacy Notice for Summary Care Record

LRS Privacy Notice NHS Digital

LRS Privacy Notice Public Health

LRS Privacy Notice Research

LRS Privacy Notice Risk Stratification

LRS Privacy Notice Safeguarding


Working with other Organisations 

Lavant Road Surgery Medical Record Computer System is set-up so that if you receive medical care from one of the organisations below, they can, with your explicit permission, gain access to your GP Medical Record, thus helping them in their care of you. 

Community Nursing Team Onecall & Echo St Wilfrid’s Hospice GP Extended Access GP Extended Access
The nurses and other health professionals who work in the community and visit patients at their home The team who coordinate Urgent Care and End of Life Care in the community The team who Provide Tailored End of Life Care in the Community & at their Chichester Hospice The new Minor Injury & Minor Illness clinics providing additional GP Appointments Emergency Nurse Practitioners who treat minor injuries in the Bognor War Memorial Hospital

 These teams will not be able to access your medical record if you have not been registered with them to receive their services.  They will also ask for your Explicit Consent to view your GP Medical Record when they first see or speak to you.  If you say no, they will not access your record.

 If you do not want one or more of these organisations to have this ability, please ask for a Sharing Dissent form from Reception.  Please make such a decision carefully as it will mean that even if you subsequently gave them explicit consent, they would not be able to access your record until they have spoken to the Surgery.  This would be delayed overnight and at weekends when the surgery is closed and potentially when they need such access the most.


Freedom of Information

Information about the General Practitioners and the practice required for disclosure under this act can be made available to the public. All requests for such information should be made to the practice management.


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